May 1, 2017


Current Projects:

  1. Ed-enable (Improving Access To Education Through Supporting Selected Schools In Ahmedabad)
  2. Right Makes Sense: A psychosocial and rights awareness intervention in partnership with Shantiniketan Senior Living (an old age home).

       Fact sheet of the RMS Project


Past Projects:

1. Active Again; Elderly Rehab Project: A Physical & Psychosocial Rehabilitation project with focus on elderly and women.

Fact Sheet_Elderly Rehab_ARGA_May17

Brochure of Elderly Rehab Project

2. આસ; the Hope Project– A Paediatric Rehabilitation Centre for children with special needs.

Brochure of Aas; the Hope 

Fact sheet of Aas; the Hope Project

Upcoming Project/s:

  1. Project Good Morning: In partnership with AIESEC, the intervention intends to improve English communication of students of primary school through international volunteers.